What You Perceive

by Harvey & Whistle

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released January 16, 2014


all rights reserved



Harvey & Whistle Gainesville, Florida

Harvey & Whistle are a completely independent Hip/Hop-Indie duo. With Whistle holding down attention-to-detail production, and Harvey bringing the no-holds-barred approach to his vocals and instrumentation, there's not a lot these two can't do together. The music speaks for itself. ... more

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Track Name: People Clap
I know you said the shit just hit the fan and all
But I'm here to tell you it's already crusted up upon the walls
With a sandpaper tongue, cleaning bathroom stalls
Tomorrow recollect absolutely nothing at all
Not your tibia's in Libya, Your bladder's in Peru
And you're "Jack's raging bile duct" The void on the sinew
A scopolamine // Dopamine // Receptor // Reflector
Waking face down in the latrine is the last thing you remember
On Trial // Handcuffs! // Guilty Verdict // Ransom
This guy's a regular Charles Manson!
This shit happens everyday.
Conspiracy Theory // Timothy Leary
Make it clear please // Can't you hear me?
A global fallacy, so pass the chalice please
Tiger's Blood // Charlie Sheen
ILLUMINATI reference, you paying attention to water retention
An honorable mention, instead of ascension
Just clap your hands.

My mind is even darker than a fallen angel's sometimes
My arteries are clogged, Ive got the black lung coal mine
But I don't mind, my heart radiates intensity of sunshine
on the grind, just below the find, whiter to the melon
Like a dragon blood tree
Ima' touch the sky even if it kills me
I freed grizzly, I'm on a higher level
So transcend please, we've got a score to settle
Let's pedal
Into a brighter future, and let the wounds heal
Quit pickin' at the suture
Just keep it on the real
Life ain't your film reel
She's a bitch, so why don't you amuse her?
And carve your own niche and don't accuse her
Don't be a loser, or a duck.
(Quack! Quack!)
My head is even darker than an espresso shot
Some people call me Superman, but guess who's not?
I never had a lot, Material Possession
But Stressin' is not a building block of this cat's perception
I got a new address, so send your tapes and your cassettes
So I can cypher, reminisce, and paint a picture // nothing less
Just clap your hands
Track Name: Be the Light
If I'm going to be the lightning
Then I'll need you to be the thunder
Pick as many grapes up in the vineyard
Before they put us under
Athirst to catch a blunder CHECK MATE
Can you calculate 5 steps ahead
Glimpse your soul they start to salivate
But enough of that "They" stuff
It's you and me, soon to be a unity
Takin' a look back at human history
We can understand the present day
With bills to pay and no excuses
Positive or Negative?
You behold! You can choose it!
You can lose it like your mind
Sell your soul for a credit line
Someone else'll write your rhymes
We found your woman "In The Pines"
Belly full of lead. My Aura shines red.
Decree the spoken word to get you zombies out of bed
Write a Rubaiyat instead of watching television sets
Quit standin' in line kid
And start writing rhymes kid
It's time to spill the wine and be the light that shineth!

Music and Family,
That's the way it's got to be
Walking through these streets
You know these kids they new lobotomies
But I'm against the surgery
So can we close the curtains please?
Act III, Enter Harvey
Stage left
Make a dent
Lets repent
Enter Ampersand
Center Stage
Holds us down
Get's 'em paid
Enter Whistle
Stage Right
Takin' flight
Keeps you bumpin' through the night
Inner sight
Paints a picture of the name so you're searching for us right
Amethyst in my hand
Fill the paper with the pen
Ink blot
Gotta find a place to stop
So symmetrical it's not
The garage was just the top
Now we're getting to the bottom of it all
Now or never make the call

Quit standing in line kid
And start writing rhymes kid
It's time to spill the wine
And be the light that shineth!
Track Name: Dr. Jam
You might say
I smoked too much weed
And dropped to many beads of
Sweat in vain
While I was waiting for a train that never came.

You might say
I dropped too much acid
Until my brain went rancid
I was looking for the answers
With a dim lit lantern in a Den of Panthers

I would say
At least I'm not searching for God
With a lightning rod
Only to collect Dust and Dander!

Track Name: Harlem Swag
It's just some late night
Writing in my note, tight
Track Name: Those Were The Days
Apocalypse, Schmocalypse
I'm feeling a shift in consciousness
Like throwing a wrench in all of it
From Alcatraz to Auschwitz
I finally found the cockpit
Oh Pilot! My Pilot!
Did you really think you could fly this
Through your eyelids
Amid chasing peace and quiet
Left for dead so we could rise
Above the conflict in our minds
Whats the ramification of time?
Tell me what's a suitable line
To administer a message of truth?
Or at least my unadulterated observation in leu
Of the undeniable shortcomings
Of this artist's poor timing
We're all trying, We're all buying
We've all got the choice of living or dying
If monkey A than monkey B
Then monkey see, then monkey do
Then let us lead them by example
And show this primates just how we do!
Track Name: My Home is Where My Hot Sauce Is
Lets get to the bottom of it
My home is where my hot sauce is
But don't you trip 'cause I'm only as hip as my food
Break it down to brass monkey
Spin Mr. Brown, just make it funky
When It's Always Sunny, I'm just as hip as the tunes
Just a little bit of history repeating
Words so far away from the lips of a politician, Hip as his trick
So forgive them if they're phony
Yellow #5 in your macaroni, Keep it stoney!
You're just a pet in their zoo
But you're still an animal
You don't gotta be so affable
You don't gotta be such an asshole either
Ejecting spitballs at the teacher
Leeching peaches, double feature
Won't you greet 'em with a smile
Emancipate your soft denial.
Ain't it funny, laugh it up
That's all God really asked of us.
Am I right? I've got to be
After all I'm Newton's Apple Tree
Precipitating axiom epiphanies
To anyone that's listening...
My Sriracha came up missing!

Track Name: Time To Wait
Treasure chest, Japedo gets the reference best, I'm headed west in a year
Took a look inside and found I have some fears to clear
A myriad of questions to answer, it's a cancer
Sometimes I write a stanza, Sometimes an entire tragedy
But gradually, picking up the pieces of the puzzle 'till its a masterpiece
Are you catching these lyrical catastrophes?
God I hope it 'aint blaspheme
But you got me all up in that chain gang Sam Cooke
I sip americanos while I'm watching Mel Brooks
NAKED in the midnight
Poetry in dim light
Shed a bit of insight
Solar plexus, Malachite
I'm feeling mental // What strange tangling of tendrils
I killed my Grendel

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